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    «Architecture should be the expression of our time, and not a plagiarism of past cultures» 
    - Le Corbusier -
    «Architecture is a thing of art, a phenomenon of the emotions, lying outside questions of construction and beyond them. The purpose of construction is to make things hold together; of architecture to move us» 
    - Le Corbusier -
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    «God is in the details»
    - Mies Van Der Rohe -
  • eme4estudio
    «The only bad architecture are the architects»
    - Frank Lloyd Wright -
  • eme4estudio
    «The sun never knew how great it was until it hit the side of a building»
    - Louis Kahn -
  • eme4estudio
    «The practice of architecture is the most delightful of all pursuits.
    Also, next to agriculture, it is the most necessary to man.»
    - Philip Johnson -

eme4studio, an architecture, engineering, and management studio.

eme4studio was founded in 1995 by architect Andrés Cabeza Pérez. Over the years, we have built a solid multidisciplinary team of highly experienced professionals in their respective areas of work. We dedicate ourselves to creating spaces that combine functionality and beauty, adapting to the needs and expectations of our clients through the application of creativity and accumulated experience in each project.

Based in Spain, eme4studio offers its services nationwide, guaranteeing the highest quality and commitment in each project.

At eme4studio, we take pride in our commitment to innovation and the pursuit of sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions. Our mission is to provide our clients with the highest quality architecture and engineering projects, always focused on their needs and objectives. We are passionate about creating functional and aesthetically attractive spaces, always maintaining respect for the environment and the community.

Building Construction Projects:

  • Design and planning of construction projects, from single-family homes to mixed-use buildings and industrial complexes.

Legalization Files for Construction:

  • Processing files to obtain necessary authorizations and permits for construction.

Construction Management:

  • Supervision and coordination of construction execution, ensuring compliance with deadlines, quality, and budget.

Energy Efficiency Certificates:

  • Preparation of reports evaluating and certifying the energy efficiency of buildings and homes.

Age Certificates:

  • Issuance of certificates verifying the age of a building.

Graphic-Descriptive Certificates:

  • Preparation of plans and descriptive documents of properties for legal and administrative purposes.

Structural and Foundation Calculations:

  • Design and calculation of structures and foundations to ensure the stability and safety of buildings.

Land Subdivision Projects:

  • Planning and design of land subdivision projects.

Activity Projects:

  • Development of projects for obtaining activity licenses and opening businesses.

Real Estate Appraisals and Valuations:

  • Estimation of the value of properties for sale, rental, or legal purposes.

Judicial Reports and Appraisals:

  • Preparation of expert reports and valuations for legal proceedings.

Surveying Plans:

  • Creation of plans and technical documentation of existing buildings.

License Management:

  • Processing and obtaining necessary licenses and permits for project execution.

Community Service:

  • Advice and project management for homeowners' associations and developments.

Urban Infrastructure Projects:

  • Design and planning of urban infrastructures such as streets, squares, parks, and transportation systems.

Energy Rehabilitation:

  • Projects to improve energy efficiency in existing buildings.

Interior Design:

  • Design and execution of decoration and remodeling projects.

Turnkey Service:

  • Comprehensive service that covers everything from design to the final delivery of construction and remodeling projects.

Andrés Cabeza

Western Andalucía
Architect, Technical Architect, Building Engineer and Industrial Organization Engineer.

Jorge Porto

Madrid and eastern Andalucía
Architect, Technical Architect and Building Engineer.

Valentín Martínez

Baleares, Cataluña and Levante
Architect, Technical Architect, Building Engineer and Project Manager.

Javier San Emeterio

Structural Engineer.

José Manuel Cáceres


José Luis Ramos Medina

Interior Designer.
Delegation of Sevilla
Calle Las Morerillas, 1-Puerta 1. 
41701 - Dos Hermanas (Sevilla)

Delegation of  Cádiz
 Avda. Santa María del Mar, 17-214.      
 11500 - El Puerto de Santa María (Cádiz)

Delegation of Málaga
Calle Uruguay, 1
29640 - Fuengirola (Málaga)

Delegation of  Baleares
C/ Miguel de los Santos Oliver, 10-local 3. 07181 - Palmanova. Calviá (Mallorca)