eme4estudio is an architecture, engineering and management studio founded in 1994 by Andrés Cabeza Pérez.

Formed by a multidisciplinary team with professionals with extensive experience in their respective work areas, we are dedicated to creating spaces that combine functionality and beauty, and that meet the needs and expectations of our clients, through the application of creativity and experience. accumulated over the years.

eme4estudio develops its work throughout Spain.

- New plant, reform and rehabilitation projects.
- Construction management
- Work execution control
- Energy efficiency certificate
- Works legalization files
- Certificates for old buildings
- Descriptive and graphic certificate
- Calculation of structures
- Projects of subdivision
- Activity projects
- Property appraisals
- Reports and expert appraisals
- Survey of plans
- Feasibility studies
- License management
- Service to communities
- Urban infrastructure projects
- Projects of urban spaces and gardens
- Energy rehabilitation

Andrés Cabeza

Western Andalucía
Architect, Technical Architect, Building Engineer and Industrial Organization Engineer.

Jorge Porto

Madrid and eastern Andalucía
Architect, Technical Architect and Building Engineer.

Valentín Martínez

Baleares, Cataluña and Levante
Architect, Technical Architect, Building Engineer and Project Manager.

Javier San Emeterio

Structural Engineer.

José Manuel Cáceres


José Luis Ramos Medina

Interior Designer.